Thursday, January 27, 2011

Morning Has Broken...

Ribs any one, yes there's a bar-b-q under this..
The picnic table that became a cupcake, then a space ship, & is now a...
A view on awakening this morning from our bedroom, the snow is on the overhang roof of the front porch & is so high on the roof that you can't look out to see the ground...
What makes this an out of the ordinary scene, is that the branches on this hemlock tree, prior to all the snow, were originally unreachable due to being eight feet off the ground. Not any more.
Just another window view, which makes us wonder when the melt does come, where will it all go..

The challenge will of course be the plowing & shoveling. It will be a rather chilly walk for my pup Dolly, so I guess she too will need a path cleared. I'll be good, & won't complain, all I'll say is winter...... Well there, you have it.


9:28AM, I was just told by my husband that we might be stuck here, not good, I'll keep you posted... & today is his Birthday too! Happy Birthday!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Happy B-Day Steve...and both of you dress warm. When everything is lush and green come spring, I guess all the melting snow will be appreciated. Beautiful pictures Cheryl. LOL b. Malin