Tuesday, January 4, 2011

"Hello Dolly", You're Back On The Grid !

Yeah, the correct transformer arrived yesterday, & Dolly is back on the grid once again. Yes life is good for our sweet mutt, & she even wrote a bit of a poem. She can be quite pensive you know, & according to Poetry A Muse In Motion, & the near three weeks she endured of her romping having to be curtailed, she so wanted me to relay this to "yaz"--

Dolly's First Poem

My dog can write a poem
let's see what she will say
she barks not much
but snorts, no fuss
and sneezes from the hay

My dog can read my mind
or is it just my thoughts
we'll talk it through
a wag or two
and prance around all day

My dog she picked me out
her cute and puppy ways
her Sad Sack eyes
they made me cry
she's got me to this day

We love you Dolly,
Everyday it's
"Hello, Hello, Hello"


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Anonymous said...

Sweet, sweet poem on Dolly, cute pictures too. Let's see if "Google" puts my comments through! LOL b. Malin