Tuesday, January 18, 2011

As The Beatles Sang- "Yes, I Believe In Yesterday..." & Remembering MLK Day 2011

These snowflake brownies were a big hit.
Our once cupcake has been transformed into a spaceship.
Dolly not only loved being out in the snow, but when she was indoors had excellent manners, & therefore continued to make new friends. Just like that ole Girl Scout song....
Life's simple winter pleasures.....
Now who is this character, that his nose has grown, is it Cyrano, Pinocchio or, perhaps....
Our grandson generously shared some of his Bazooka Bubble Gum, who remembers when it was one cent $....

Martin Luther King Day 2011, was the best of the best, here on our slope. Our son who was home from teaching in Hartford that day, brought our grandkids out so we could spend this special day together.

I had a very simple plan in place of; baking brownies, making snow cones, sledding & an indoor picnic of hot dogs, carrots, fries, & some of those other comfort foods that one would get at any summer stand. Not necessarly the healthiest of choices, but one day in the winter of a deli like nosh, can be excused.

We loved every minute of it, from the discussions of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., as our six & eight year old grandchildren said they had learned about him at school. "He was a really wonderful man you know, he worked for the rights of all people in this world." I said, in between the turns each of us were taking in mixing the batter for the brownies. I also mentioned that Martin Luther King was doing all that important work when I was growing up. "You were alive then?" , my granddaughter asked. "I certainly was, and it was very special." I responded.
Yes, it certainly was.


I've mentioned to my husband repeatedly over these past few days, that the climate that seems to be prevalent in this country now, so reminds me of how it was back during the time of the Civil Rights Movement. Only now it's within the political fabric of our society, but alas, it always was. As much as some things have improved from way back then, as a society, & as a specie, we're still lagging in tolerance & respect. We do keep trying, as that is the only way, marching to the tune of hope.


Today is our son's 25th Birthday. A Healthy & Happy Birthday today, & all through the season Mike with "lol", to you.

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