Saturday, January 15, 2011

Getting Out of DogPatch

Dogpatch that was where Li'l Abner [from a comic strip] lived back in the 40's to the 60's I believe. There was even a play, of the same title & years later my husband & I saw a production of it at the Good Speed Opera House. We all loved Daisy Mae, & for me the best part of the play was the Act that featured the Sadie Hawkins Day event. Sadie Hawkins Day would arrive every four years, it occurred on February 29th, in the year of a Leap Year. This event was a hugh deal for Dogpatch. It consisted of a marathon type race where the gals in town would chase after the guys, & the guy they caught would become their lifelong husband. Daisy Mae loved & adored Li'l Abner, & for her to catch him would be the ultimate. I love the spirit of a leap year, we have a friend who's birthday is on February 29th, & would often kid him years ago, how he would never get old, and in many ways he has not, as is as he's an expert karate instructor, wilderness downhill skier, & master archer. He tells us, "Ya gotta keep moving..", those are his words & I do believe it's working for him quite well.

Our granddaughter was a Leap Year baby. She'll be seven soon, & is as cute as any Daisy Mae, but thankfully living in an era with far more opportunities for gals. And though Sadie Hawkins Day is a rather cool & unique event, really who would want to pin their future on something as ridiculous as that.
Yes, We've come a long way... & have now reached a point in our American culture to work at sharing creative opportunities for all, for the greater good.

And for today.....

We've done our small bits of traveling since digging out from the recent blizzard. A town Conservation Meeting, & an out of town project are just a few, that come to mind. In order to get any of it done, the wheels of progress must keep moving...

I'll be back, am now about to embark on our new sunny day, & who knows what this winter day will bring. Stay warm, & which ever longitude & latitude is yours, take a deep breath, & enjoy the beauty & moments of this time.
Yes, today we're leaving Dogpatch, for without the plowing we'd very well be stuck. Wintertime here, always an adventure in these here woods.

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