Thursday, January 20, 2011

Taking A Deep Breath, Discovering New Paths...

With Thoughts of Willa Cather & Smokey Robinson-

As this New Year continues, we will continue to appreciate all that is, as we continue to learn. Though some things will never get any easier, we will grow & adapt.
The ability to rise up, to greet every new day is a blessing none of us will ever take for granted. For any individual this learning curve that transports us, will forever take us to where we're intended to be. And even on days that may hold a sadness, we will reach out to one another, & bask in the sun's fleeting rays.
So with these melancholy tones, I'm off to do some things that may seem, boring, & ordinary, but truly in a day, all moments are glorious. The osmosis of absorbing life's spectrum, to live, & to breathe.


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Anonymous said...

I hope one of the"paths" leads you to HUB PAGES...I 'll walk you through it! LOL. b. Malin