Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pruning & Space Clearing Thoughts, From The Winter Peace Garden...

When we prune back, & space clear, I have found much to my delight & surprise, that new growth at times, is so very close to the surface. Even at my age.
So with these thoughts at the forefront, I ask us all to keep in mind; that no matter our differences, disappointments, heartbreaks or sadness, that an individual may carry around with them, so very hidden in the backpack of their hearts;
that when we twitter, post or click on, just know, that our very existence & purpose is far more meaningful than any one individual can every image. If we allow ourselves to breathe, & pause we will remember this, as it resides within us all, & we will find what, it is, we are intended to, as we remain connected, flexible, & with purpose, on our life's path. No matter the feeling of, any given moment.

Peace be with you on this winter's day.

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