Wednesday, January 12, 2011

This Is Now & That Was Then

"Sunrise, Sunset...", at 4:50pm this cupcake was at 24", & still rising...


The plow plowed
The fuel pump, pumped
and all the mighty chains, they stuck
The snow did fall
we tracked it's range
and all of us,
shared in this game....

Click on mighty amigos, on facebook, & classic books, & have a warm & safe record breaking blizzard day... [12:59pm]

Someone out there is having a good time, & yes her name is Dolly.
18''--almost 20'', as of 11:50am
Am still enjoying the views, it's 10:05am, my husband's out there plowing, & his hopes are that not only does the plow & truck hold up, but that he doesn't run out of gas. I for one really need to wash my hair, [big help I am], but it is always a project, as my hair tends to have a mind of it's own, & one really does need to be in the right frame of mind to deal with it effectively. Curly haired people unite, we live in a very different world, then the rest of yaz, can even imange. I think I'll just have another cup of coffee, & then get with the, be kind to my hair program here.

9:20am, from where I perched.
It's nice to be inside, this is the first winter in over a decade that I haven't had to be out driving in this kind of stuff. I've had two car accidents some years ago, when the other driver was going too fast & they plowed into me. I was fine, thank God, but our car was totaled each time. Now for the past several years I have studded snow tires, but you still can't always tell what the other driver's going to do. Safe travels, one & all.

7:35am & it's now java time*, & as we've said way back when, back in the Bronx, "How's by you..."
This was a now scene, at 6:50am outside on my kitchen's deck.

Much earlier in the day at 12:45am. As we can see we've grown a giant cupcake out there.

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Anonymous said...

those snow on the table it look beautiful..and look like a white cake on a table..^-^