Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve Day In Boston, 2010

These photos were taken as we were walking around enjoying a day in the city. Some of what you see are the early arrivals of First Night Boston, which really does look like a lot of fun.

New Year's Eve marks an anniversary of Mother Lightning's Peace Garden. Tonight is the third year, of this blogging for peace project here on the Internet. The topics have certainly been varied; such as an individual striving for inner peace, & peacemaking topics & projects local & worldwide. As different as these subjects can be, they are ultimately interconnected, for when "peace be with you", is said, we all know that it begins with one individual at a time, for we are all a conduit & a continuum for world peace. All of us.

As we end the year 2010, let us go out with an easygoing ditty of a poem for Poetry A Muse In Motion, as I just jotted this one down-

A New Year's Toast

Tweedle dee, & Tweedle do,
our greetings are
to you, and you,

so have a beer
or bubbly glass
and toast what's passing
time won't last-

It moves on slow
In sparkling stars
We ring it in,
from near and far

One year goes out
Another's in
As we continue
That's our spin

A Healthy, Peaceful & Happy 2011,
to One & All*


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