Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hitting The Spot With Simple Foods

I certainly have a lot of time on my hands, & am loving every minute of it!

Due to today's snowy weather there was enough of everything we needed here, but no luxury food items. That in it's self is a good thing, as really the loaded carbs of cookies & things; I don't know about you, but I really don't need it.

There are some items in the sweets category which I have an immensely hard time resisting, & peanut butter cups are one of them. Voila, I now have a new recipe for the sweet tooth addict. Since this recipe uses Quakers Rice Snacks & being the history of the Quakers has always been linked to nonviolent actions & peaceful ways, this new Peace Garden dessert must in some way encompass something of a simplistic & innocent nature, a bit beyond.... hmmmm.... am still thinking...
But for now, I'll upload some photos. It's a simple treat, yet for the sweet-aholic, I must say, it really does fit the bill. My husband who is the Ratatouille of taste buds in our family, has given it the thumbs up, which now I know is definitely worth sharing.

As an old tv commercial once said, "Try it you'll like it." & you just might too--

There I have it, Ratatouille's Peanut Butter Dabs

To make this sweet & satisfying treat, use Quakers Chocolate Rice Snacks, & then dab, as little or as much peanut butter, or any of the other nut butters that you prefer. Almond is another nice choice. If you like you may add a mini chocolate chip in the center as a garnish. Place on a pretty plate, use a paper doily if one is handy, or you may place them in mini cupcake baking cups. Served in this way, visually the senses are satisfied, & with less of the loaded calories too.

There you have it, a sweet treat, that not only satisfies that crave for chocolate, but with a bit of protein dashed in to prevent those dangerous blood sugar dips.


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