Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Spirit Of Christmas With Family & Friends, As We Sing To The Choir

The above is a little bit of some Christmas Day art, provided by our granddaughter.
These two sweet creatures curled in their own spaces are our grandchildren's pet's- Zoey the cat & Bailey the dog.
Today is a blizzard of a day, we're about to be snowed in, but I was told that pretty soon it will be tea time, once again. So.... , we'll tarry awhile, do join us.

As far back as a young girl, thoughts of those old Christmas feelings still prevail to this day. For most of my childhood once my family moved out of the Bronx, we lived mostly in a Christian community for most of our years, in Connecticut. As a young child it was a very challenging change, but as the years went by, I began to understand better, in regards to the world at large, that the faith I was raised in, though different in many ways, as I was raised Jewish, had much in common with the faith of my Christian friends. My Christian friends were all very kind, loving, & generous of spirit. I learned a great deal as the years went on, as they were all very informative in the traditions of their faith. I occasionally attended Sunday morning Mass together, which was very different from the services I attended with my own family, but still awe inspiring & most beautiful too. It really was quite memorable, as a young teen when I was invited some decades ago, to Christmas Eve at my friend Joanne's home, to help decorate their tree. Do you remember Joanne, me the adopted member of the family, learning for the first time the art of hanging tinsel, ever so delicately upon a bough?

During that era, all sides fighting in the Vietnam War, declared & honored a twenty four hour seize fire. It was then & there that as a person; born & raised in the Jewish faith, that I learned first hand about the awe inspiring power of, Christmas worldwide.

So when Peace on Earth, is said time & time again over the holiday season, it is certainly not a phrase that is to be taken lightly. It is a message that rings true all year through. We so love it when the choir sings....

Please sing & ring on..


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