Sunday, December 5, 2010

"To The Peacemakers", A Night At A Bazaar & of Celebrating

To The Peacemakers

Doves that fly

Pecan Pie

Love of folks

Feeling hope


Sweet treats
Balsam trees

Golden flickerings
Flames so pure
Bells are ringing
Drumming soars

Skylines twinkle
Nighttime lures
This is perfect
Nothing more


Last night we attended a lovely Peace event, sponsored by a very passionate & local group that came into existence in the Spring of 2009.
The, Israel/Palestine Peace, Education & Action Group of Eastern Ct, have active members from Christian, Muslim, & Jewish faiths, as well as non-faith based individuals.

Excellent speakers & performers were on the program promoting acceptance of differences, tolerance & peace, in conjunction with the, I/PPEAGEC , Mission Statement as put forth in the
Universal Declaration of Human Rights & the Earth Charter

My spot was along a wall in a gathering area, at the entrance way of the Quaker Meeting House, where this delightful fundraiser was held. Our friends Marge & David, the organizers of this event had so kindly extended an invitation to us, to participate. Yes, the Peace Garden was there with all it's colorful frills, enticing fellow winter gardeners to decorate a Peace Flag or two. This is always one of my most favorite of projects. A very kind & welcoming Quaker Lady at the Meeting House last night referred to me as an "activist artist", which it seems I am, being one of my true, true, "labors of love".

*Peace Be With You, In All Seasons*

Todays included poem "To The Peacemakers", brings us to the fourth entry in this new series, Poetry A muse In Motion.

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