Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Ebbing Of A Year, In Anticipation Of A New, As Prayers Of Peace Remain

This very small wooden dish shown below, holding some Peace Garden cards, was made in Palestine, of olive wood, I do believe. The items that are included in our tree house of sorts of where we live, are from all over the world. Israel & Palestine, lands so rich in ancient history have a special place in our home & hearts. May they, as with all of us worldwide, have true peace one day soon. *Amen*

Many loose ends to get done, before the end of this year. Dolly is still without her "ea collar" of the electric avenue variety. The pet supply company sent the wrong transformer, so we continue to remain in a high pet alert mode. Would it do any good to oye, oye, oye, probably not. So we'll just keep doing what we're doing.

Before logging out today I would like to complete this page with a poem. The Poetry A Muse In Motion, project has certainly brought me back to the inner essence of who I have always been, as I continue to reach down into my very core.

To All The Time Travelers

Heading into a New Year
the cheer
of all that are dear
are with me
to share
with you

we talk
you know,
that this is special
all of us
dotting the globe
our own orbits


From the Peace Garden, to all near & far-
A Blessed , Healthy & Peaceful, New Year Everyone

1 comment:

b. Malin said...

Hey Cheryl, I had to join, just to leave a comment on your work...But it's worth it!

I loved your Poem, "To All Time Travelers" nice and uplifting for the New Year. Also liked your pictures, very uplifting...even though I don't miss the SNOW!

Dolly be good, I'm counting on you!

LOL, b. Malin