Friday, December 3, 2010

Twelfth Month

December I remember
I doth think of you
from the highways
to the by ways
life, will sing us through

With the carols
with the cookies
jingle of the bells
to the snowmen
and the plowmen
and the roads of salted ice,
to the parties
don't eat hardy, for those calories,
count twice,

Have a coffee
skip the toffee
hold the fruitcake
and the cream
read a story
hang a stocking
do it all, as you would dream

Send an e-mail
and a snail card
take a picture, time is peak

Time is present
Time is precious
Time is something we can't sneak
take your minutes
and your moments
Time is all within,
and here,

Hug your family
and your puppies
and your children
in your heart
keep these memories
tell your stories
laugh your chapters, share the spark

know these moments
are just moments
and there's nothing
you to fear

When it's snowing
bundle briskly
walk the crunchy icicles

Know we're human
even fragile
keep your wits & knowledge near

Know it's fleeting
thin as paper
as our trees
they are our ears
are our wittiness
are our soul mates
ever present standing free,
ever patient
ever silent
knows our God does love
our trees

They tell stories
hidden deeply
those in bedded in a trunk
they do know that
we are wasteful
with a lot of awesome stuff

So be kind our fellow humans
when we look upon our trees
be reminded of their wisdom
sharing kindness is the key.

Written 12/2/10 , third poem in the Poetry A Muse In Motion, series.


This poem is dedicated to our friend Glen Douglas. Glen enriched our lives with his warmth, sincerity, deep knowledge & his wonderful spirit of joyful humor. On November 21, 2010, the world had lost a very kind & thoughtful man. His memory will live on, in the hearts of his family & many friends world wide.


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