Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Night Of The Crescent Moon, & A Cautionary Tale

Welcome, welcome & how's it going out there? December is buzzing along... Sent out a small batch of holiday cards today which I finished decorating yesterday. Tonight was a Sisterhood meeting at the synagogue I belong to. It was the last night of Chanukah, as you can see by the glow of the nine candles, though Chanukah is eight days. The candle in the middle, is the shamos which is the helper candle. The shamos is used each night to light the other candles. What's not to love about the shamos. It still is my favorite, the one with a position of honor. The one that helps.

Some of the photos in this evening's collage of thoughts, true some are a bit out there, but when props are limited, one just improvises as best they can. The scales of justice were photographed today at one of our favorite restaurants in downtown Putnam, Ct. The Courthouse, is their name, & the menu, is varied, just & fair. We're also certain, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that--

"The chef
and the wait staff,
they are not blind,
most definitely
and kind."

This afternoon I put the finishing touches on the following poem. I wrote it the other day, & it wasn't until now, that it was ready for the world, with all it's archaic imaginary. It is not of my usual realm of topics, but in each and every garden, there may be a hint of a random wildflower or so. Here's one from that realm--

Pandora's Potpourri

Love is blind
Justice is blind
An eye for an eye
Our one good eye

Crime & punishment
Nick & tuck
When they do
It's muck, muck, muck

Not always pretty
Not a site to share

Apples in your orchard
Needs someone to care

Insect's, sprinkle pollen
Pollution travels far
Remember it's all ancient
Pandora's little jar

They say it was a box
Legend, so it says
But be sure,
They do keep score
of profits in their head

Feeding times a frenzy
sharks & squids abound
Keep your wit's
Protect your *-!*/'s
It's lonely at the pound.

Woof, Woof
Don't run with the wolves.


Poetry A Muse In Motion, continues to continue...

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