Thursday, December 2, 2010

Poetry A Muse In Motion

Our son Mike, who plays drums in the Boston based band The Bynars, told me how one of the band originator's, Matt is committed to writing a new song everyday. Since I am on this sabbatical from my former profession, & my passion is writing & creating art, my son suggested I do something to challenge myself, to create a bit of a routine, in order to accomplish my goals.

"Vol la"... I have decided to commit to writing a poem every day. Each & every poem will not, of course be the best of the best, but there may be a few nuggets along the way. It is for my love of God, who has always guided me, from my way back younger years, of which I am very blessed to know, to listen, that I take on this project, & remain open to learn, & discover.


When I come upon a poem, that seems like a good one to share, I will post it on the Peace Garden, as I did yesterday. As of today, I have a few more. In time I will decide how best to post & share, what is shared with me, from the poetic realm, of living a life, nothing more, nothing less.

Please feel free to share any of these poems among your family or friends, if any are so appropriate. We are all so very different, unique that is, but ultimately all very much the same.
We toil in life's gardens, nurture what we plant, reap what we sow, & forever looking up to the sky. Please so help us God.

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