Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Holidays, Pickup & Shine

Things are buzzing along in our neck of the woods. A good friend emailed several poems to me this morning. This Peace Garden & the blessings of love & support that has been given from it's start, it seems, we may have a lovely new addition! [Yes, I feel like a mom.] I'll definitely keep you all posted, with this exciting news, as I want our friend to be very comfortable, as to how her poetry is placed.

On another note, my husband & I will be at a Peace event decorating Peace Flags, this evening at 6:30pm, in Mansfield, Ct. This event is being held at the Quaker Meeting House, right near the University of Connecticut. If you're out our way, please stop in. There will be music, dancing, delicious & interesting food, & all sorts of fun. I was up last night into the wee hours, cutting & pressing colorful fabric for "127" Peace Flags. My "to-do/pack the car up list", is emerging fast, but I did, listen to my muse, & am thankfully blessed with a new poem this bright & sunny morning:

The Holidays, Pick Up & Shine

Pick up the house
and dust those chairs

Clip down the yard
there's much to care

Shop for the food
the list is long

Cook it all up
then it's all gone

Pumpkins & turkey,
red berries that zing

Potatoes & gravy
salads that sing-

Light candles
fix tables
bring wine out to toast

the holiday feast
oh such work for the host

The pies when they're baking
the house smells so sweet

The toast we've been making
reveals a warm treat

Love is what brings us
to tables so far

In trains, or in buses
in planes or in cars

So now that one's ended,
an other's begun
clean up to good music
the glow's just begun.


The photo above is from our cousins Arlene & David's very unique art collection. Can you make out their colorful array of pickup sticks. Definitely a child's play, no more.

Poetry In Motion, what a joy this project is, & definitely a challenge too. Here we are with the fourth day of poetry. Thank you all for your encouragement. I am so looking forward to posting a new & unique talent here in the garden soon. I'll keep you posted, for sure.

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