Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Season Of Food, From An Over Abundant Land

Not Wanting To Kvetch, but

Everything good is bad
Everything bad is good
The cookies, fudge, and frosting's fun
With calories galore,



Do we love it-
How's your tum ?


Can you tell what's on my mind.. There are so many expectations in the above category. All I can say is we'll do our best. Nothing more & nothing less. Though as a culture, we have brought everything up to an art form, & that of course means food too.
For starters we've begun to clean out, & to put our fridge in order. I really haven't done any sort of complete food shopping since Thanksgiving, which by the way we all know is way so over the top. Now with Christmas & New Years fast approaching yes, here we go again. Perhaps deep down, that is one of the reasons we love Charles Dickens's, A Christmas Carol, so very much. For not only is the story of one's growth, & redemption on the part of Scrooge, but it also says something about us. As what Issac B. Singer said, in the title of one of his Jewish folk tales, Just Enough Is Plenty. It certainly is, & I'm continuing to work on it but, it ain't easy.

My father's childhood family grew up in the I. B. Singer mode of having just enough, though it was truly, barely enough. Therefore, we too will do what we can, in our sincere part to continue to help others in need, both here in our region, & worldwide. Just like you do too.

The above included poem for today, is from the Poetry A Muse In Motion project. I will of course continue to keep you all posted, as I so value our visits- locally, & from around the world. As of this date the Peace Garden, has been visited by 38 countries worldwide!

As always, the Peace Garden, wishes everyone- Good Day, & Peace Be With You, wherever you may be.

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