Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Light Glows In The Forest

Our grandchildren's school participates in Jump Rope For Heart, which is a very healthy & generous program. It is known to benefit the Heart Association.

This is the glow of the low voltage candles we just placed in the front windows of our house only a few hours ago.
Out shopping this afternoon, at the gently used shop, & what do I find but a mini lava lamp for our kitchen. The purples in this lamp are wonderful.

For many this can be a challenging time of year, of which I am not immune. I would be stating an untruth if I were to kid myself into thinking, some aspects of a generational tree did not trouble me. This tree has been known to shake me deep, but to never uproot the person I am. It may chip & wound the bark a bit, but like the redwoods, I too have learned how to self protect & heal. One can & does learn to take in the healthy nourishment, & sunshine needed to adapt, grow & thrive. To this God is my wittiness, of which I am forever grateful.

Our two grandchildren sang today in their grade school Winter Concert. The program began with the youngest of grades, & went up to the third. Our granddaughter is in first, & our grandson is in second. No one would be surprised if I were to say it was an outstanding performance! Just one of the many perks of "Grandparentdom", as we so love it, & wouldn't have it any other way.

We put low voltage electric candles in our windows this afternoon. They have sensors to turn off in the morning & go back on in the evening. We're just about to step outside for a view-
And we're back, it is so very cold out there, all we could tolerate were a few minutes. It was worth it though, as we do like that glow.

The following is today's poem in the series Poetry A Muse In Motion, of which I'd like to share-

Short Dark Days

The coldness of the season

The warmth within our hearts

It tells us true

That me and you

Build bridges in the dark

The sky's not always brilliant

Yet rays will shine their spark

And feel a warmth

Of fresh cut cloth

Enveloping us all


Good day everyone, & peace be with you all*, in our collective lives, & in our world at large.

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