Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Night At The Movies To See Tron, & Of The Celestial

I so love this pooch, that I just had to share her devoted sweetness with everyone. Yes, she may certainly have that junk yard dog look, but what she does have is a mighty heart, & is one of the kindest, yet funniest dogs I've ever had. As the beloved late singer songwriter, Malvina Reynolds would sing- "We love our pets, yes we do, we do, when they go-- arf, arf, they're talking to you." Thank you Malvina Reynolds for that song, & many others, including Little Boxes, of the "tickie tacky" variety, that Pete Seeger would often sing too.

It was really good to have the Holiday Season Blizzard behind us. Since last week, Dolly has been without her electric avenue collar, [lost in the woods, or ? snow perhaps]. We sense in many ways that she is trained to stay in the yard, but no need to take chances, as no one wants to have to deal with an unexpected call, which entails being face to face with neighbors who are gentle & kind, but nonetheless have had their day somewhat messed up, by the inconsideration of a neighbor's uninvited mutt. Her new collar did not arrive yesterday, which makes sense as according to the pet supply company it was shipped out only yesterday. Eleven hours ago, & still counting.....

It's been a really nice time for our extended family, with our long distant travelers coming in from two major cities being, Boston &, DC. The morning began with a trip into Worcester, for our son who lives in Boston. We arrived in ample time for him to catch the 8:30AM T, into the city. We were the very first in the turn around drive in front of the station, just us & the cabs for this early morning trek. Friday it's into Boston, to Logan, for our other son who needs to return to D.C. We've learned to adapt to our nest with the comings & goings of each & everyone, for us anyway, it's been quite the parental journey.

Speaking of journeys-

Our Boston based son, suggested a jaunt into Manchester to see the movie, Tron last night. We all liked it, some of us liked it better than others, but if you're into sci fi, my take is definitely go, as you will enjoy it immensely.


Well everybody, it is of course poetry time & Poetry A Muse In Motion, certainly received it's inspiration last night after our return to these here hills--

Of The Celestial & A Night At The Movies

I live my life as a person
as a poem
in line with my own
in this world
with you
and others
in the realm
of an orbit
far older
who we are


Pretty soon Dolly too, will be back on the grid. For her as with us, when she's back with E Avenue, her quality of life improves, & with that, then we too are once again happy pups in the universe.

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