Saturday, December 18, 2010

Holiday Prep Child's Play

Yesterday I did a bit of cooking, making some latkahs [potato pancakes] to share with some of my friends. I did a bit of experimenting as one of my friend's is on a gluten free diet, so I used gluten free bread crumbs in place of the regular wheat bread crumbs, or the matzo meal I usually use. Well the experiment came out Aok, as my husband the Rattaouie of the family gave it thumbs up.

Holiday Prep Child's Play
Making Latkahs

One potato
Two potato
Three potato
Pick potatoes
Wash potatoes
Cut potatoes too
Dice potatoes
Grate potatoes
That is what we do
Five potato
Six potato
Seven potato
Season potatoes
Add the crumbs
And don't forget the salt
Onion, egg
Now mix it up
And fry it till it's done
Eat a bunch
And share a bunch
Nine potatoes

My oh, my
Hot potato

And so concludes today's entry in Poetry A Muse In Motion.

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