Monday, December 6, 2010

George Harrison & All Things..

Late Autumn Hugs

Flicker of snow
a life moves on
into the realm of sun

Muted skies
some blue, some not
bring forth of what has come

Possibilities, are endless
this calm within my heart
I cry for you
of hidden words
awakening this dawn

I knew you not in childhood
I knew you not back then
Deep waters part
our aching hearts
you sleep among the dead

Though death is long forever
you sleep with dignity
for life you shared
you never spared
to love
to care
to reach



Gentle fragile snow flakes catch the sun's light as I sit here in awe. This is day six of
Poetry A Muse In Motion

I truly never know what it will be that will capture my heart when my muse "gently speaks". All I can ever do is jot it down, & if the words make any sense, then there it is. Perhaps that is why I always loved George Harrison's song, As My Guitar Gently Weeps, on his All Things Must Pass, album.

The changing seasons of our world, the changing seasons of our lives, how can we ever doubt, that we too are only a small part of it. We puff ourselves up to thinking we are so great & wonderful. We pride ourselves in building the tallest buildings, & climbing the highest mountains. In the long drawn out scheme of things are we to continue to kid ourselves into thinking that, that is what truly matters.... Will we ever collectively "wake up", to remind ourselves, "think again". It really does distill down to what Maya Angelou has said, that "What it is we remember about one another, is how they've made us feel".

Mourning a loved one's passing, it is always bittersweet, for it is as Maya Angelou has shared. The special people in our lives, have made us feel special. Not only do we miss their physical presence, but it is also how we made one another feel when we shared time together. In that way we also mourn for those long lost feelings, & the uniqueness of our relationship. In that way, we are often inspired to create the best of our best, knowing full well that, that special person will never- see it, hear it, feel it, or know it, in our time, but we go ahead, & do it at our highest of levels, solely & most innocently, & ultimately, for that timeless love. We plant our Gardens, & go through the seasons, living a life, one day at a time. So very often, most surprised, at what does come- "to pass".
That is solely our way, for we are, only human.

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