Sunday, December 19, 2010

"I Have My Books & My Poetry" Or, The Games People Play

What do I do on a sleepless night, I ask myself. Well here I am, right here. I don't know how many people saw the movie-
The Royal Tanebaums, but many in my family did. We loved it for it's outrageous hilariousness. But there was also a dark side to that movie, as the main character Royal, was not known for his kindness or consideration. It's funny when you are experiencing a bird's eye view, of another family's dysfunction, but when you've lived your own unique version of something of the mix, yes that too in real life, still does present the occasional bizarre & funny real life episodes as well. My childhood family is no exception, just the character roles are placed differently. The odd, yet, understandable aspect is even when the individuals are no longer playing out their assigned parts of way back then, those assigned roles, can at times continue to continue. Like a cog in a wheel, no matter how far away the dusty road meanders.

The following inclusion for today's Poetry A Muse In Motion, pretty much expresses an aspect of a cog's wheel's situation. I'm sure in many regards my feelings are rather magnified, by the inclusion of recent personal events of dear people who have passed on this year, of whom we mourn. As my doctor said only several days ago during a conversation regarding topics such as sensible health care screenings & the like, & his touching upon it with this summation of which he said to a certain extent, "When your dead your dead." And how can one disagree with that, for it is as he stated. But in the aspect of living a life, I do have high standards of honesty that my father taught by example. So when I encounter a morphing of a Royal, it does present me with a most challenging time. My husband, has said that I need to develop a thicker skin, but "m g", I've walked this earth for over six decades now, & I refuse to put on armor, in order for the few Royals that I have chosen to continue to have an ongoing relationship, for them to become kinder & more understanding. With some of these chapters that continue to play out, I must begin to practice a form of allowing the toxins to just wash over me, like the contaminated spray that it is. In time the tide does change, not all the sea is polluted. Not yet.

As A Child Of The Sixties I Too Have, "My Books & My Poetry To Protect Me"
Some Ancient Trees

It is what it is
You've done what you can
I've done what I can
It's out of our hands

I've gotten older
You've gotten old
You do what you do
You do what you know

Our tree has it's branches
Some cracked,
And some gone
Our roots they entwine us
We've gotten this far

So be what it will
Your aria's song
It's melody drowns out
All of the wrongs


As a true child of the sixties, I remain ever so thankful, that I do have my poetry, for it does help me sort it out. Some situations truly have nary a solution. A poem for me, tells it like it is, a brief collection of words expressing from my heart, that moment in time. Nothing more, nothing less. Nothing lasts for ever, but love. Love endures. *Amen*

"I have my books & my poetry to protect me...", is from a song on the Simon & Garfunkel, album with the title, A Bridge Over Troubled Water.