Saturday, December 11, 2010

An Interfaith Holiday View From Our Front Door

This morning on awakening to our surprise there was a gentle dusting of some early snow. It's not quite winter yet, still ten days away, but already we've had nights with those frigid temperatures in the teens. Brrrrrrrr, yes really.

Yesterday I decided to compose a poem at the end of the day, rather than early morning, just to see what I would decide to muse on. I think my tone is pretty consistent-
Night or day, day or night, it all depends, then, then I write;

A Day Of Calm

A day of calm
Outside it's cold
This day doth end
No stories told
I've pasted stamps
of different hues
Am working hard
To get done too

The holidays, the list is long
I'll write it out
and sing along
I'll get them done
Batch number two
and get them mailed
All out to you

As cards arrive
I love them so
They're colorful
of that you know

The notes you write
of heartfelt care
It's good to have
Our friends so near

A town so small
A town so quaint
Makes holidays
So sweet
Can't wait

I'll take my time
I'll get it done
and think of you
It's all been fun.


The above poem was written yesterday 12/10/10, & here it is of course a bright new day. With this new day, it is important for me to have another poem & here it is, it just came about-

My Mind's Eye

A bright new day
This snow doth shine
It glitters so
Behind my mind

You know it so
You know it's true
Winter comes forth
With it's own rules

So bundle up, wear boots & gloves
It's fun outdoors
When shovelling's done.


My muse has done a poem or two, & now it's time, [I'll put on shoes], to get out there & enjoy this day. Have a good one, one & all, & we'll be back [don't trip, or fall] & if you have some of this fleeting snow, in your neck of the woods, enjoy the view!

[So completes my entries up to this date in the Poetry A Muse In Motion, project.]

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