Friday, December 3, 2010

Dolls & Thoughts From The Attic

If I, If I, a child like me
Oh what, oh what, I'd say to thee-

I'd sit her down, we'd talk & play
I'd tell her please enjoy your day
Work hard, to learn what interests you
Your talented, this is a clue,
read all your books, & sing your songs
be patient life's a circle strong

Paint at your art, create your dreams
beware of other's scarrish schemes
Care for yourself & those you love
Walk gently on the path with doves

Society swims, without a clue
Our tired world, their own cesspool

But you've a right to live your dream
The world, it cries, it says please heed-

I've all you've got
You know your part
to stop pollution,
that's a start

Not go to war
Not go to hate
To balance calls
to mediate

Listen hard,
and listen soft
we're all to blame
we've done are part

So when your grown up, standing tall
Remember it's a world for all.


Today has been the third day, contributing to the; Poetry A Muse In Motion, project.

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