Sunday, December 12, 2010

So Close To The Bone

We Can All Use A Couch Some Days,
Some Days Not

So close to the bone

My extended fam

those distant

not so distant ones,

the Larrys

the Eugenes

the Royals

the K's

the C's

the balance of the shifting fence,

cast ill

rip hearts,

to limbo's





And yes I say *Amen* Poetry, & the arts have always given me a true & clear mind's eye view, of being able to identify most viscerally what it is that is most truly at the heart of the matter. We are all so very blessed to have the arts, for without artistic expression, truly where would we be. Poetry A Muse In Motion, thankfully continues to give me clarity of-
body, mind & spirit.
It does take me a bit of time to work some of this through, as the wounds are deep, & the goal is inner peace. Family systems of where some of us come from, have been known to offer quite the array- from the sane, to the less than. It's those less than chapters that have been known to creep up, somewhat like the orbit of a boomerang, without the cool Aussie sound effects. This has been known to occur when one from the cast of characters from long ago, decide it's command performance time again. I do love a good performance, but at the theatre, plus this weekend was much better suited for comedy. Oh well, better luck next time, at least there won't be rain.

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