Friday, October 28, 2011

Inspired by, The New Yorker Magazine~

{The above cartoon is from the Oct. 31 2011, addition of The New Yorker Magazine, of which today's poem has been inspired~

A True Mother of Invention

We're going to the house
of the woman with the mouse
They've got the job, they're staying on
we hope without a louse

We're going on the trip
of this I have no tip
It gives me anx, to do it
but it's part of the whole shtick

We're going to the house
to say ~"It's Bon Voyage"~
Let's hope you're safe, and always well

This epic's been a trip

This is now, act umpteen
from early on in teens
You've taught a lot
I've learned a lot
of never to be mean

We're going to your house
to help with what we can
the thought of it does bring me down
but life of this for man's
not always our best choice
not always good for thee
but you came first
here, there, and most
and freedom's what you seek

So we'll not hold you back
or even warn you of
what lurks, you know
won't hover though
your mindful passing's song~

of this we'll never know
for God does make the call
for when we go, it's inten-ed
for all, yes~ for us all


The above is today's addition to the Poetry A Muse In Motion project, of which I would like to gratefully thank, The New Yorker Magazine of whom, never, ever disappoints. Thank You!

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