Monday, October 10, 2011

Take Me to Betty Ford, Burnt Sugar & Apple Honey Cake

Finally, finally had the chance to put together a batch of some rather tastey cakes,
you got it, as it's official name says it all, they are the~

"Take Me to Betty Ford, Burnt Sugar & Apple Honey Cake"

& I do mean it too...
After sampling way too much, they are now sprinkled with powdered sugar, wrapped & in the fridge, awaiting travel to an extended family member's post office, of you know who...

For several Octobers now, still close enough in keeping with the spirit of the Jewish New Year, I've been doing a little baking to share with our extended family. It's a fun project that I set out for myself, as it allows me to bake, which I really love to do, but it also gives me the quiet time to remember our extended family, with a sweet note, another aspect is, it helps me to swiftly get the baked goods out of the house, as~ Betty Ford won't admit me for my sugar problem, so I'm on my own with that one. But, my husband made sure I got a walk in this evening, & tomorrow I'll be sure to walk Dolly to further up, the exercise I need, to keep this sugar thing at bay.

So all I can say at this point is, it's a wrap, & tomorrow these sweet cakes will be airborne.

~Bon Appetit~

*Post Script of~ 10/13/11~

A batch of three mini loaves went out in the mail on Tue. 1o/11/11 to our cousins in Dallas, & another mini batch is on the way to my brother's town outside of Worcester. Am hopeful that they arrive fresh, & intact, of which I can only guess, as I'm not in the food prep biz, but do have experience from decades ago of sending brownies, & chocolate chip cookies to my husband, when we were dating, & I was in nursing school, back in the 70's when he was stationed in West Berlin. Oh my, those were definitely the days, quite historic of course, as there is no longer a West Berlin, but one unified city. Yes, progress, progress, as we've gone forward.
The reason for this Post Script, is that my baking has reached a plateau, as the mini batch I prepared last night collapsed, probably due to, too many of Eve's apples, & these Betty Fords, really do look like failures, though as my husband & I sampled them this morning, & are without a doubt- very tasty, but not suitable to be mailed. The solution for now is to- stop the baking, & continue to send out our cards of the season, & for the winter holidays will continue on with this sweet concept of a project, as for self preservation, it really is time to get myself our of the kitchen, for as I shared~ Betty Ford won't admit me for the sweetness of my problemo!

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