Friday, October 28, 2011

This October Morn

And now, though appearing out of focus, all blurred & fuzzy-like, reminding me of that abstract expressionist/impressionist styles, I love so much~
lending it's self to hints of form, yet colors true...

Here it is just two days before Halloween & already snow in these here hills, oh my~

Yesterday my day revolved around being sure I was off & on time for our Thanksgiving planning meeting of our Interfaith Council, & lo & behold, not just rain, but freezing rain, & a good downpour of snow. I went from wearing an unlined trench coat on Wednesday to wearing my hooded winter jacket, all in just 24 hours. The weather here is so Mark Twain-ish, for truly all one ever has to do is "wait a minute".

I left the house with my tribulations of course as we haven't yet switched over to studded snow tires, but my husband assured me that the all weather ones that were still on the car would be just fine. He was right of course, & as I meandered down & around our slope, onto the country roads out our way, making it to my friends house in good turtle time, we still we arrived at our meeting in a timely manner.

Weather such as what was splashing about last night was a bit intimidating at times, but I kept reminding myself that during my work-a-day career, of coming home from one or another various nursing jobs I had been employed at, that many a day, night, or early morn, that I had driven in conditions far worse than last night's, so I calmed myself & mushed on.

Snow is beautiful the way it blankets the ground, it gives a gentle, & peaceful look, but we do know that within those unique flakes & crystals there is a process that goes on, & traction on the roadways can, & has been very risky at times. We did well, & as far as I know all of our friends attending the meeting, did Aok too. In all honesty I am not looking forward to our forthcoming wintry travels, that for whatever reason in this global weather pattern, has arrived in our region way too early, but no matter what we'll do our best, & it seems~ like it or not, it's now time to travel around with our snow brushes, ice scrapers, & shovels, as we really have no choice. Oh & let us not forget the sand or kitty litter, that many a time has proved a true, & only fix, of getting ones vechicle off of a~ going nowhere slippery patch.

Safe & Happy Autumn what's left of it, one & all, & be certain to catch whatever glimmering glipse of what you can for it's~ going going, so soon to be gone...

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