Monday, October 24, 2011

Classic Chores of Classic Rock

A new week is here & now, with that I will be making every attempt to not only do what it is I need to do on my "to do" list, but to really try very hard to get to some of the boring, mind numbing redundant tasks, such as dusting~

time to dust
the dusting now,
dusting can keep,
as much as I try~
dusting is tedious
and dusting's a bore
dust is all over
just hate the chore
though I will kvetch here
and I might wine
when I get to it
really don't mind
put on some music
put on a show
think in dimensions
what needs to known
can't call life boring
not always fun
it's what it is now
needs to be done
but if I want to
have friends for tea
must do the dusting
that I can see

from dust we came
to dust we go
Picasso said
it keeps you know
I'm no Picasso
nor a Matese
am not Ms. Georgia
of the O'Keeffe
am no St. Vincent
Louisa May
I am of whom
I'm meant to be
and if I want~
have friends for tea
then I must dust
my home of trees
for it's more fun
to share our lives
rejoice in friendships
mark our times

we are of dust
these fleeting miles
it's rushing currents
jet stream highs
so we take pause
once in a while
to share our journeys
embrace in smiles
all work no play
what is we do
adjusting balance
staying tuned
we learn each other's

different ways~

this dust of journeys
unique paths
alone so enter
nair a guide
the winds they tell us
always flux
our stardust orbits
worlds beyond
dusting a wood frame
dusting a home
yes we do orbit

whence we've come...


Neil Young may have inferred, as did Joan Baez that Rust Never Sleeps, in the songs of our generation, I must add, that though dust is not rust, it also does not sleep, it is the stuff of dreams, our past, our present & our futures...

This completes today's addition to the Poetry A Muse In Motion project~

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