Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Blessings of Friendship~

There it is right above this paragraph a photo of what was a little while ago the here & now, but last night my husband & I traveled back into the Hartford area, to be the guests of a long time friend. I have known Joanne since grade four, of way back to the time when we attended Anna E. Norris School together during our hometown days in E. Htfd., Ct.

Fast forward to the here & now~
Joanne & I of course attended one an other's weddings back in the early 70's. She actually introduced my husband & I to one another. He was 18, I was 17, not quite the~
Sound of Music song of course, but pretty close, nonetheless. Add a different horrid wartime era, & fast forward once again~

My long time childhood friend, who has worked very hard to make a wonderful life for herself & children, is now, no surprise here, a grandmother, like so many of us b. boomers.
Approximately some twenty years ago, with a lot of determination, talent & strength our friend Joanne re explored, & to her good credit, rediscovered her theatrical & musical talents, & voila~
there we were, my husband & I in the audience as our friend's special guests, watching her perform once again, & this time in her stylishly talented role of~ Sister Mary Hubert
in the locally performed Broadway Musical, Nunsense. Gotta love it!

Time may fly, & yes, we do get older, but a loving friendship for a very talented friend, that was formed & nurtured, from back in the time of schooldays, & summertimes, never really gets old, it just matures to it's beauty of a garden rose, a scent so delicate, & memorable, & alive, no matter the winds....


For anyone interested in a quality night out to the theatre, we highly recommend you check out the current schedule of the~

Connecticut Cabaret Theatre

which is located directly off the Berlin Turnpike, in Berlin, Ct., of which is so very worth the trip, & on your attendance, you will not be disappointed, for certain~

so let us close by saying~

On, on with the show!

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Anonymous said...

What a Fun, Informative, and UP Beat up to read. Isn't Friendship Grand... and a long Friendship is Priceless. Thanks for sharing. LOL, b. Malin

Anonymous said...

The theater is off the Berlin Turnpike not the Silas Deane Highway............but close enough

Mother Lightning said...

Thank U* for the "friendly", above comment, yes Long Friendship is Grand, for sure!


About the location, will make the correction, staight away. I thank U* for the mapping input!