Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Celestial New Year 5772~

Yesterday completed this years High Holiday season. As always it is both a joyous, & very serious time, for Jewish people all over the world. We marvel that we as a people & as individuals are still here, living in this world, that we often times on what one would say could be an ordinary day, as any human being, can take for granted. It is the most sacred of all seasons for us, rejoicing in yet another New Year, & also acknowledging deep within ourselves, that we as individuals are all flawed, far from perfect, & we do acknowledge this especially at this time of year, with prayers requesting that we be forgiven, & also doing what we need to do, to forgive others.

Though we are an ancient of people, we are not without our modern thoughts & ways. Our most sacred scroll the Torah has been, as those of us who have been raised Jewish know~
has been discussed, interpreted & recorded, over centuries, in the Talmud~
which certainly is us, a people who crave & seek knowledge, & are taught at a very early age, to have opinions, & discuss what it is we may have thoughts on, & to question. That has always been our way, of which has become our nature, of which our own true nature has thus, been formed.
I do believe, all the peoples of the world, have a beauty, & aspects that are most special from which they were born & raised, none, any better than an other, with all God's children, learning & sharing, as best we all can, by being who we all, are intended to be.
Rosh Hashanah is considered to be the birthday of the world, so it is with this, that we are intended to go forward~ to do our best to care for one another, by caring for our precious planet, we call earth. By doing our best, to do all these things, & by passing it on, from generation to generation, we will have continued to fulfill what it is we are intended to do in each & every life, on this small planet.


Good Health & Happiness, One & All!,

as we all continue to inhabit, our beautiful blue planet, in a most dynamic spot, of our celestial solar system~

We Are All One Under the Sun!

~Amen, Amen, Amen~

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