Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Surviving A Nor'easter Takes More Than Child's Play~

The front of our son, daughter-in-law, & grandchildren's home the second day after the storm...
Barely a spot in this neighborhood was left untouched.

Playing with playdough was one way to make it through the following days...

This is the scenery from our neck of the woods, the night of this very rare & historic,
Snow-tober night 10-29-11

We're now on day four of having weathered one of the worst nor'easters ever in the history of our little state. Our extended family's neighborhood has been devastated, & I'm not even slightly exaggerating. When the trees where swaying in the high powered winds this past Saturday night, & our son & daughter-in-law were hearing these huge hundred year old ones crack & fall, they decided to have the family stay awhile in their car out on the road, as far away as they could get from the trees & utility poles that were crashing down all around them.

It seems the combination of heavy wet snow, & an abundance of leaves still on the trees, along with fierce winds, were all that was needed for this perfect storm. We are all so very thankful that all of the people we know, & love survived this devastating scary night, Aok.
Because of this storm the trick or treating in many Connecticut towns, has been rescheduled, as it will still take a bit more time to bring the neighborhoods hit, back up to code.

Surviving a scary & horrific storm, takes much more than child's play, but being able to talk about it, & staying with extended families, & friends~ creating a warm safe place, & in the sharing, it all truly does remind this Nana, of what living a life, to have it be worth living, has been all about for moi'~ in this garden of my life.~
So I must say amen.


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Kris DiNoia said...

So glad you and family survived this terrible noreaster! We were lucky this storm lost power for only 5 hrs instead of the 7 days we lost it during the last weather event!

Anonymous said...

We also had the Nor'easter...But all we received (thank Goodness) is lots of rain, some wind, no Trees down, and we kept our Power here in S. Jersey.
Wow, to your Experience, so glad you all made it through safely except for the Damage...and of course the Power Outages...One for the books. LOL, b. Malin