Friday, October 7, 2011

To Smile & to Share, On The Eve of A Special Day~

Dolly's been all set to go, for another of her new daily walks. We only did approximately a mile yesterday, as we are loaded with hills out this way, not that nice & long extended sea level kind of walk, which you will never find out this way. Nonetheless, we're on board & committed to keeping to a rhythm of sorts!

I do, as you all know, try my very best to keep the the tone here in the Peace Garden, as up beat as possible, I'm not for wanting to ever bum anyone out, with the oyes of life. Life is life- there are the smooth straightaways, the windy paths, hills, & rocky roads. None of it ever boring, & all as interesting as any precious patchwork quilt, & no matter the fabric, I do find a way, to stitch it in lovingly & when necessary find just the right thread, to stitch it all together, & when I've accomplished various sections, I can often hold it up, & look with appreciation, of what it is, of this life that has been woven & stitched together, especially those loose ended scraps~

I do think that if someone were to ask me to whittle it down, to really think hard, as to why I have devoted myself to being a peace activist, a good part of the answer would have to be, that in all honesty there has been a person who I have known all my life, who was exposed to aspects of some very wrong ways to cope, with anger, & due to this, this person at times, has & continues to be know for ways, that would be considered, non thoughtful or definitely unkind. From early on, in some households & families it has repeatedly been the children, who thankfully have gotten it, & intuitively have known a better way to manage their worlds, by exercising control, & by trying ever so hard, to be thoughtful, helpful & kind. These behaviors can sometimes create conflict within an individual, as to how much, ill thoughted thinking & behavior, is one required to endure, & repeatedly expose themselves to over, & over, especially if it is a family member who may now be elderly, & are in their own process of distilling down to the essence of their truer most selves, which reveals & directs, even more unkindness & anger, due to at a very young age, when they experienced so very much hardship, & their minds now are becoming even more locked into what has over a lifetime, been obvious to those that were the closest, but not always obvious to those beyond the inner ring.

Living a full life, of course means balance, so some of the areas of the paths that I have inter sectioned, & have described above; is what it is, as one can never change another, only themselves, & as I said, if I were to whittle, down why it is I have devoted myself to being a peace activist, it is, that I know first hand, that what we have seen, & been exposed to as children, does not necessitate us to being a carbon copy of such behaviors. We certainly carry around the familiar DNA, but we do not carry around an other's thoughts, memories, & coping skills. We all have the ability to pull away from the fly paper, as difficult as it is, I'm not saying their won't be residual effects from this immense exercise, as it is exhausting, but human beings are not only survivors, we are seekers of truth, & justice too.

Here it is the eve of Yom Kippur, the most sacred day of all the year, in the Jewish Calendar.
As we pray to be forgiven, & to forgive others, as we pray to be inscribed in the Book of Life, we also pray for a better life, & peace for all of God's peoples, of the world, as we pray, that we as individuals, may do something to make it better for another, one person at a time, to help~

to heal the world.



The video I chose to include this afternoon, is a Part II of my Walking the Dog topic, from the previous posting-

The young man who is showing us, how to Yo-Yo this technique, which has always been a fun activity for my family to watch, if I remember correctly I do think my husband, & our sons were able to get the Yo-Yo to sleep, & then do the walk. I could never really Yo-Yo all that well, but it is so much fun to watch, & if you're good at it, it does bring really great enjoyment to others.
Just ask any child...

True time of this posting is apx. 4:30pm, it was the included video that was saved for this episode, from earlier this morning.

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