Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Forest & The Trees, No Longer A Puppy This October

Yesterday's rainy day was one of- out of town errands, & when we returned home last night, it was already dark at about 8:30 or so. We kept our afternoon rather focused, as I needed to complete my list of art supplies, for the oil painting class I had begun this summer with my dear friends. Our wonderful & talented teacher Laureen had been so very helpful & kind in already putting together a list of supplies, of which she ordered, & divided up for us in neat little boxes only a few weeks ago. I still needed to figure out, just what else I wanted to add to the basic list. A new half size portable easel was in order, as the one I already have is not the best for open air, on site work. I also needed to get some linseed oil, to condition the wooded palate a new compact easel comes with. All in all, I've never been that mechanical, so ordering an easel online, without first getting a sense of what it is I would be working with necessitated a sojourn into the art supply store. I would still have to get used to the new contraption, but at least I would have made some progress in obtaining an essential, & necessary tool.

After a late, light lunch, at Tapas, I forged across the city street to the art supply store, & found everything I needed at Jerry's Artorama, in the Elmwood section of W. Htfd. Jerry's is one of those places where many of us art supply junkies can spend hours upon hours at, as it's all so very interesting, & when one is down in the trenches doing that sort of forging of; reading the labels, checking out the other items that could be useful now, or for a return trip, a good amount of time for the expedition is always the key.

After the main task was completed, it was off to the movies on our rainy Saturday to see Brad Pitt, in Hardball, of which we gave two definite thumbs up, to this newest movie about the inner game of baseball.

This posting would not be complete without saying a few words or two, about our finest, & oldest companions~
My husband said he heard a dog barking when we were still sitting in the theatre, "No I don't hear anything like that.", was my reply. But, sure enough, there in the lobby at least six of these gentle giants, all on leashes, & with their kind & friendly volunteers, standing about, & greeting us with those kind of eyes. Oh those eyes, of which my dog Dolly knows!

I can not adopt another dog now, but some day, when I can, I will definitely look into adopting a Greyhound, as they are sweet, gentle, graceful & kind. What's not to love!

Connecticut Greyhound Adoption
P.O. Box 900
Avon, Ct. 06001-0900

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