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The Peace Abbey, October 2011 Newsletter


The Global Alliance Summit is being held in Cape Town, South Africa October 2 - 6. The theme of the Summit is UBUNTU, an African philosophy that connects all people as members of the human family. At the closing ceremony Nelson Mandela will be presented with the Peace Abbey Courage of Conscience Award by Dot Walsh.

  • Salem State University Honors Lewis Randa
  • Lewis Randa, founder of the Life Experience School and the Peace Abbey was awarded the Champion of Peace Award at Salem State University on September 21st. Lewis gave an eloquent acceptance speech recounting his years at the helm of the Life Experience Program and The Peace Abbey. We invite you to watch the speech on the Peace Abbey website.

  • October 8th Celebrate John Lennon's Birthday at The Peace Abbey
  • 2nd Annual Pre-Larz Anderson VW Bus Rally and Camping on Saturday, October 8, at the Peace Abbey in celebration of John Lennon's 71st birthday. Live music, great food, awesome camping experience.

    6PM Food and 7PM music.

  • Tuesday, October 18th S. Brian Willson at 7PM
  • Peace activist Brian Willson will speak at The Peace Abbey Tuesday, Oct . 18, 7:00pm

    His message: "We are not worth more, they are not worth less."

    Willson, a prominent Viet Nam veteran turned peace activist and former resident of Massachusetts, will talk about and read from his psychohistorical memoir, Blood on the Tracks: The Life and Times of S. Brian Willson (PM Press, 2011).

    Willson, who lost both legs below the knee in 1987 when he was intentionally run over by a US Navy munitions train at the Concord, California Naval Weapons Station, kicked off his book tour by cycling from Portland, Oregon to San Francisco on his three-wheeled, hand-powered recumbent cycle.

    The author said he wanted to demonstrate a mode of personal transportation that reduces dependence upon fossil fuels.

    Willson's long, rich history includes experiences in the Boston area and Western Massachusetts in the 1980s. He served as legislative aide to State Senator Jack Backman (Brookline), working on prison, mental health, and veterans' issues.

  • Boston Vegetarian Food Festival
  • The 16th Annual Boston Vegetarian Food Festival is now just weeks away! -- Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 29 & 30, at the Reggie Lewis Athletic Center in Boston.

  • Free Yoga classes at the Peace Abbey!
  • Come to the Peace Abbey on Tuesdays at 10:30AM beginning on October 18th for a class in yoga and meditation. All levels are welcome! Led by the new student intern, Rachel Bairstow, these classes will focus on connection to the body and breath, deep relaxation, and self-reflection. Rachel is trained in a variety of yoga styles and has been practicing yoga and mediation in various forms for the last eight years. She welcomes practitioners of all levels to her classes, and feels strongly that everyone - no matter your shape, size, color or creed - can do yoga, and can enjoy its enormous benefits. No experience with yoga or meditation is expected or required; only a willingness to breathe deeply and relax. Please bring your own mat if you have one; the Abbey has a limited number of mats available.

  • Dr. Michael Knox, Founder of the U.S. Peace Memorial Foundation
  • Join us at the Peace Abbey on Sunday, October 2, at 11:30AM for a talk by Dr. Michael Knox, founder of the U.S. Peace Memorial Foundation. In his remarks, Dr. Knox will speak about the grassroots effort to shift our cultural focus from war and violence to peacemaking. Dr. Knox will also discuss his work for the U.S. Peace Memorial Foundation, which includes documenting the current range of peace activism, honoring individual and organizational efforts toward peace, and advocating for peaceful solutions to global problems. The U.S. Peace Memorial Foundation is dedicated to the cause of peacemaking as an honorable and socially acceptable activity. To raise awareness of the necessity of peace activism, the Foundation awards an annual peace prize to recognize U.S. peace leaders, publishes the U.S. Peace Registry, and is currently /advocating/ for the U.S. Peace Memorial, the nation's first memorial dedicated to peacemakers and their contributions to antiwar movements.

  • Save the Date! Roots and Wings Benefit on November 6th
  • Karen Kuhl, owner of Roots & Wings Yoga and Healing Arts in Natick, is generously offering a benefit for the Peace Abbey on November 6th, Sunday, from 9 am-3 pm. All proceeds of the classes that day will go to the Peace Abbey.

    Mare Tomaski will offer a Breathwork class in the morning. In addition, yoga classes, Nia, chair massage and other classes will be offered. From 11-3 will be an Artisan Sale: all artisans will donate an item in which the full proceeds go to the Peace Abbey.

    Plan to join us for some bodywork!

  • NEW Items at The Peace Abbey Gift Shop
  • We are in the process of re-ordering new items for the gift shop, including some beautiful newly-designed mugs arriving any day now!

    We also have books with copies of the long version of The Prayers for Peace, DVDs with the prayers in English and Spanish and copies of the quotes from the Pacifist Memorial along with jewelry items.

    Please come and visit!

    The Peace Abbey Gift Shop
  • Tours, Weddings, Conferences
  • A wonderful way to be introduced to the memorials on the grounds and the buildings at The Peace Abbey is to schedule a group tour. We have retreats for individuals and groups. Schools and colleges, church groups, community organizations and other groups are welcomed. For wedding and conference information, please call the office: (508) 655- 2143
    $100 Donation for Tours

  • Opportunities Exist to Underwrite the Courage of Conscience Award and the Gandhi Exhibit
  • We are interested in having a family foundation, a business organization or individuals underwrite the Courage of Conscience Awards. Please call the office if you have suggestions. Thank You!

  • Do your friends know about the Peace Abbey?
  • We would like to invite people who are your friends and have never visited the Peace Abbey to arrange a date and time for you to bring them over.

    Salem State University Honors Lewis Randa

    October 8th Celebrate John Lennon's Birthday at The Peace Abbey

    Tuesday, October 18th S. Brian Willson at 7PM

    Boston Vegetarian Food Festival

    Free Yoga classes at the Peace Abbey!

    Dr. Michael Knox, Founder of the U.S. Peace Memorial Foundation

    Save the Date! Roots and Wings Benefit on November 6th

    United States Representative Dennis Kucinich received the Courage of Conscience Award on September 17th.

    Grandmother Love

    STONEWALK 1999-2007

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