Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Autumn Garden

This Friday October 14th, my brother will be turning sixty. In preparation for his landmark in time, this summer when we were up in the Berkshires attending a beautiful blessed event of our friends son's wedding, there was time the next day to mosey around some of the unique, & quaint towns up in the mountains, & of course there it was~ the cutest, sweetest, & perhaps oldest teddy, I had ever had the pleasure to contemplate buying, at an antique shop, which was going out of business due to the poor economic situation that has been ravaging our country, to this very date.

So here it is now, soon to be transported, but taking a much needed break up there on our sofa, propped up next to one of my favorite books, which our son had also enjoyed, back in his childhood days, Robert Lewis Stevenson's- A Child's Garden of Verses, the very first of what I do recall, as my ever introduction to poetry, even before I had heard of any
Mother Goose.

So, there it is, my basic roots, & rythmns of those formative years. I'm no
Lewis Stevenson, or
a Barrot Browning, by any means. Am just a grown up person, who was once a kid, of which~

Am just a grown up


who now
a kid
of which the lines and rythmns wander~
and catch me


to stop attend
to write it down
to see what comes


gives me peace of mind.


And thus completes today's additon to the~ Poetry A Muse In Motion project, of which we wish you peace, true peace.

The beautiful indoor autumn garden you see here, has been lovingly, & artisticly provided by the talented hosts of last nights B'nai Shalom Sisterhood meeting~
Thank You~ Sue & Tina for your generous, & talented artistic flare, that we can all now continue to enjoy in this morning's, peaceful garden of thoughts~

P.s, As of 10/13/11~ there is a Post Script posted as an update to my ongoing baking project~

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Anonymous said...

I so enjoyed the visit to your "Autumn Garden" Cheryl. I loved your lovely Colorful Mums in those small delicate Pots... and the oldest Teddy Bear was a Treat to see. I too remember fondly, "A Child's Garden of Verses", by Robert Lewis Stevenson. You Poem was Wonderful, looking through the eyes of a child and a we ever really grow up? God, I hope not! LOL, b. Malin

Mother Lightning said...

Love hearing from U* Barb, you're always a ray of sunshine in my garden. ~

Thank U* dear friend, all these years, our lives, intermingled in our "garden of verses"!!!!