Monday, October 17, 2011

The People's City~ Part I

Are the very talented & cool musicians you see featured in this posting.
We were told that this wonderful Block Pary went on into the evening. Not only was the music the best of the best, but to experience it, in a friendly & welcoming neighborhood gave our trip into D.C. a true feeling that we really were in~
The People's City

It was a weekend of logging the miles, from one climate zone to another.

We just got back early this evening from visiting our son down in D.C. He's been back to our neck of the woods, to visit with the fam* & all, but this was the very first chance we got to visit with him on his own turf since he moved down there about a year & a half ago, & it was a wonderful weekend to be sure. Our son from the north has always had an aspect of hospitality, so living down south is a good fit, as the climate is a bit warmer there, & the people are friendly too, with neighborhoods extending out branches of hospitality to one another, & as he said to me due to the warmer climate, "It's one of the fittest places in the country." Which makes sense as the bike trails go on & on, out of the city into Virginia along the Potomac, & weaving into Maryland, & back. Two days, including travel time, is just enough to wet one's whistle, to say,
"Next time we ought to bring our bikes."


The following is part II of this episode-

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