Friday, October 14, 2011

In All Honesty~

There was a rhyme I knew so long ago, it went something like, "What a tragic life we lead when we practice to deceive."

As far back as I can recall, I tended to be one of those children, you know the one many a family would have, where the child would say, "The Emperor has no clothes." This of course comes from that deep rooted instinct, for honesty & over a life time, we have learned to teach ourselves, when it is most appropriate to share this, or when it is necessary to keep such thoughts & opinions to ones self. My favorite American playwright, Eugene O'Neil, of course was able to do this by putting the thoughts, feelings, & character behaviors that he himself might have had, or observed in others, right out there on the stage, or as my husband might say in one of his favorite expressions, warts & all, which for all practical purposes though a rather ugly image, nonetheless, says a lot in just three words. I on the other hand once I've taken in a situation, & it has stewed for a bit, I then tend to work it through the way you've seen on some of the various postings here at the Peace Garden. Why I do it this way, I can't really say, but I think it goes back to an over reaction, to growing up in an era of being told, "to be seen & not heard", but ultimately, one is required if they are to go forth healthfully, & well adjusted~
to be truly honest with themselves, & being we all have a need to shed, we need to remind ourselves that, as a dear friend so lovingly taught; we are not to be beasts of burden, & therefore many crave to be free to express in our own unique ways, what it is that makes us who we truly are, without the fear of a naked emperor, re visited. This is just one of the aspects of living a life, that I find most profound, & indeed important.

So in keeping with the topic of respect, honesty & difference I would like to take a line from~
Lady Ga Ga, of whom I too am a big fan,~ "I was born this way."
A way I would never consciously choose, but nonetheless, it is who I am, & therefore on certain days, such as these, a poem that I composed, though in keeping with the title of today's posting may feel of a rainy day kind of nature, which it is of course~ for in nature, as in all of life's gardens we do need the rain, & eventually it does stop, & we will once again feel the warm embrace of the sun, as long as we remain patient with ourselves & , keep the faith.

Coming to Terms~
A Poem to My Mother, as My Brother Turns Sixty on 10/14/11

I did a true

to be there
on days of gray, & sun, & blue

to put my children
in fortifying
of striking not
destroying hearts
and minds
so young and strong
yet fragile too

The inner minds
of children's hearts
can see it
feel it
know it all~
when gardens
to unrest


The poem shared above was composed & written on 10/12/11, & after much thought, it was decided to be included in today's rainy day posting.

Thus completes, today's addition to the Peace Garden's ongoing~
Poetry A Muse In Motion project, of which we wish in every heart, a sense of real true peace.

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