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iMemorial For Steve Jobs

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Our son Zac is a bit of a travler, he sent this to me early on, this evening. I'm not certain which city this photo was taken in, & if you look real close, you can see the post-it's in the furthest right window, sort of going towards a vanishing point. And isn't that what we all eventually must do... , recede into that infamous vanishing point, the stuff that famous artists are made of, & the not so famous too...

Steve Jobs, brilliant beyond words, & the man who's name will forever come to mind, when one is thinking or talking about a computer. When the biographies come out, there will of course be speculations as to how, & why, as to the deep motivating factor, to make such an enduring name for himself. My thoughts are not in any way of a high tech nature, just a motherly hunch~ It seems to me, that because he was given up, by his biological mother, who was a college student, at the time, when he was born, in some really fantastic way, his true nurturing adoptive parents, helped inspire him to create his own unique narrative, of a person of value, in a world that has got to initially hurt, to know, that the one who had you, could go on with their life without you in their life, even if it was for an unselfish reason. Abandonment, can hurt. It is what a person does with that hurt, that truly counts. Steve Jobs, mortal genius man, as any human being, had the same basic human needs as any one, the need to be protected, loved, & sheltered as a child, & to also say to the world~ hay, I count out there, don't forget me.

And that's what it is we will do, never forget, this brilliant, creatively gifted soul,~ Steve Jobs. For I'm sure he intuitively knew, we're all in this together. Why else would he have done so very much to make the technology of the future, so readily available, for the here, & now.

Steve Jobs, may you forever~
rest, in peace.



One of the ways in which I go forth to honor a person's memory, is to really take in, & think about how that person, personal or public, has impacted my own life,~ what it is that they have shared of themselves, that has helped me, in my own way, to grow forth as an individual, in order to make my way in the world. Public figures, are just that to us, but some of these individuals that we collectively mourn publicly, are truly the shining stars that we all know have impacted us, even though we never knew them person to person, nonetheless, their person hood, has transcended all of that & we do in many ways, feel the loss, though public, we still feel it ever so private too.

Enclosed is a link to the commencement address, that Steve Jobs made at Stanford University in 2005
Steve Jobs, in his own words~

{It seems the photo I introduced in the first paragraph of today's entry, for some reason will not embed it's self, so once I get this snag resolved, will be sure to re post it on the very first opening. The embeded Youtube link, is working, at my last test of a click, of which I hope you will the have to chance to see.}

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