Monday, October 3, 2011

The High Holiday Season of Autumn

The High Holiday season is here, as Yom Kippur is days away, & we've been doing what it is one does in the "getting ready" vein.~
For me, as for so many, it is most sacred, yet also a very challenging time of the year. Today, I was busy with friends, learning how to do a color chart with my new paints. Autumn for many, has always been a good time of year; to learn new things, much like the time when we were all children, in our going back to school days, each & every Fall !

Life is, & will always remain a mystery, & some of us need to emote & molt more than others, much like the trees here in New England, dropping our leaves, some definitely dramatic & colorful, & others seemingly brown & blah, & others seemingly wrinkled & ugly, but all continuing to make up the landscape of what becomes the beauty of a New England autumn, & as much as October has it's glowing colorful days, it also has the ones, that are a bit grey, & perhaps wet too, but all of it, becomes a circle making up the seasons of a year, & from all of that comes each & every one of us, so different, yet more alike than not.

It is in this spirit, that I am inspired to share from time to time, musings such as these, for though I was once a nurse, I am not retired, only a newly seasoned colorful leaf, working on another project, as one who has never stopped writing, & is finding the courage & determination to make a shift, a change, to complete those childhood dreams, a weaver of sorts, & in the meantime~
trying to express what it feels like & means, in one small life, here in our vast universe!

A Blessed New Year One & All, with Health, Happiness & Fulfillment of Life~


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