Thursday, October 6, 2011

Walking the Dog, The Music, A Song & A Pooch

Yup, that's pretty much the way it was, back in the day. Many of us had a basic record player, on which we played the small 45's , like the one you see spinning in the video, or the
33 1/2 LP's. That was pretty much it, mono sound back then, no stereo until the mid 60's or so, but that was all we needed, as our music was just that. Ours.

Just the other day, I finally got myself motivated to get out there more often, with Dolly my 2 year old rescue pup. We've been doing a pretty good walk these past few days, true it's not been extremely long, maybe just about a mile, but the hills are long, & steep in spots, so we can't say we've been couch potatoes lately, which is a good thing, as the food season is now upon us, with desserts galore beginning with the Jewish New Year season, & more, oodles more to come! Why just this morning I baked a really fine batch of miniature marble bunt cakes, not only fun to make, but very tasty too, for our Congregation's Yom Kippur, Break the Fast dinner.

So here we have it, I'll be out there Walking the Dog, hopefully often, where we'll be getting a good stretch or two, for two good friends, who know just how to give the other, just the right nod, affirmation, & positive vibes.

Will keep you posted, as I do believe, that there's a really fine bond going on, one I've truly wanted since my childhood days, & on the days when perhaps there's a bit more stress in one's hectic life, than one would prefer, who else to walk it off with, as we speak the same language.

A special thank you to; Rufus Thomas, for his hit song~ "Walking the Dog".
We danced to it, & sang to it, all those times, so very long ago, never tiring of it's fun lyrics & engaging beat, & now Dolly & I have a new theme song!

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Anonymous said...

Loved your Upbeat Blog, and "Walking the Dog"...I did my own little dance as I typed away on my "Mac". How Wonderful for you and Dolly, there is nothing better than a walk, and a mile is an "ok" start. A safe "Fast" my friend. And I'm with you in spirit when you "Break the Fast". LOL, b. Malin

Mother Lightning said...

Thanks Barb! Your sweet comments & thoughts, always brings a smile. Yes this is quite the time of year, so very deep, as always.

Wishing U*, & all*, your Fam*, a continued~
Healthy & Happy New Year!

LOL, & Peace, from our neck of the woods to yours!