Thursday, March 31, 2011

When The The Weather Is Bad, Food Glorious Food, When One Is Fortunate

It's been only recently, over the past few months, that I've actually enjoyed cooking again, yes "food glorious food". As we speak we have a nor'easter blowing up the coast for the last evening of March, definitely going out like a Lion. So reflecting on what's what in the food realm in our neck of the woods, I'm enjoying a little diversion in this food for thought exercise. Just the other day I made a lentil soup, with multi colored lentils, it came out excellent, as it was cooked in vegetable broth, & when the recipe stated to add some wine, I added a tad of two kinds of white, & a splash of port, which then simmered down to be the best lentil soup I had ever made, with enough to even share with friends. When the thumbs up call came in, that was the best of the best. So here I am, cooking again, from one pot to another, nothing gourmet, but according to our family's official ratatouille, my recent recipes from winter into spring have all been of a high caliber of really good quality, flavor & love.

This evening I sauteed some purple cabbage, a recipe from a favorite food site on the web, not only is this recipe easy to prepare, healthy, & beautiful on any plate, but also very, very tasty, indeed. I added some sliced almonds just to add a bit more crunch, which also upped the protein & gave it just the right balance.

The purple cabbage recipe is from the following food site, which is truly an interesting stop on the world wide web of culinary discovery-


Hmmm, what's next, what's next....

Well Passover & Easter are on the horizon in just a few weeks, & being our family traditions are of an interfaith nature, what I will do, is put together some Passover family favorites, & my husband will do the Easter favorites, & we'll just take it from there, one macaroon, & one jelly bean at a time.

L Chiam / to life !


The loaf of bread seen at the beginning of this posting, is handmade by the Sisters in Ashford, Ct. It can usually be purchased at Big Y in Mansfield, Ct. It is of a high quality, & made with honey, flour, cinnamon, raisins, & other natural ingredients, which makes it an excellent addition to the Easter holiday tradition. From our table to yours....

Bon Appetit

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