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The Influence of The Lady With The Lamp, Florence Nightngale

Florence Nightingale

My Decade's Time In An Oldest Profession

Time to get up
time to go
time to cook
time for more joe

Time to do hair
time to get dressed
time to go out
left such a mess

Time for report
time to read
time to chart
work up to speed

Time for a band aid
time for a pill
time to clean injuries
stethoscope's drill

Time for injections
time to check throats
time for some cultures
some look the worse

Time for some vitals
time for the phone
time for the IV's
holding our own

Time for emergencies
time for med counts
time to do treatments
workloads can mount

So quickly it's lunchtime
time for some air
time for a med pass
assignment's next care

Decades I worked this
felt it was right
time to make changes
climb to new heights

When I was back home, probably a teen
it's so familiar, common a scene
not much had changed then
dramas galore
my life and their life
opened a door

I then saw it clearly
got it, at last
the past it will orbit
unless we change cast

The dignity we own
don't give it away
as Martin doth taught us
we see truth and pray

And such that I did that
and heeded the call
to write my own story
and not hit the wall

Please lend me a listen
and grant me a page
it feels good to finally
be free from a cage


The cage I refer to in this poem is describing a mindset, of what was offered to young girls so very long ago & reinforced by many a family for what ever vested interest they may have seen in conditioning their daughters in regards to the very subtle, & not so subtle messages of where a woman's place is & what her value in the world was. For my family it wasn't a whole lot different, as my brothers who were younger than I, were led & encouraged into the professional world that not too many women veered off to in those days, such as the law or finance. Nursing certainly was a good match for me, back in the day, but in all actuality due to the era I was trained in, many of the women I know still bring up aspects of how the long, long effects felt, of how we were trained to allow ourselves to be mistreated, & this eventually conflicted with our healthy evolutions of how we grew to view ourselves within the world. Don't get me wrong nursing is a fine courageous profession, one of the noblest, & most rewarding. The people now, who go into the profession are still primarily women, thankfully they will not have to deal with an antiquated mindset, that many of their fore mothers in the profession had, had to. In past recent decades nursing schools & programs have improved in that regard, for they are primarily on college & university campuses, which certainly does level out the playing field, bringing truly one of the world's oldest professions, equal & in par to any school of study. Thank goodness too, as where would we ever be without the nurses we so love, revere & need, of which I was too amongst this caring sisterhood for fourty plus years. It has been said, "Once a nurse always a nurse." which is the truest of the true.

So concludes today's addition in the, Poetry a Muse In Motion Project, on this date of Woman's History Month, of which is dedicated to the caring compassionate knowledge, & wisdom of the original lady with the lamp Florence Nightngale.

The two photos shared in today's posting include of course our beloved Florence Nightngale, in an etching. The second is of my then fiance, of my husband & I on the night I graduated from nursing school. I was gazing star ward, ready to go out there, to help heal my patients, to of course do my part, as so many tirelessly continue to do to this very day to help to, heal the world.

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