Monday, March 14, 2011

Dr. Helen Caldicott, Honored During Woman's History Month

Dr. Helen Caldicott
Photo by, Greg Barrett

Above is the photo of a very accomplished scholarly woman, who is known to speak out for all the concerned parents & grandparents of the world. During the 70's Dr. Caldicott brought her knowledge & passion to the forefront of a humanitarian movement that to this day works very diligently to educate & improve the quality of each & every life.

Dr. Caldicott has a biography that is most impressive, as she still practices medicine, & books speaking engagements around the world. Some years ago she was nominated for a Nobel Prize, by Linus Pauling, himself a Noble Prize recipient. You may have to type in the link below, but if you are interested in learning about the life of a very dynamic person, who has authored numerous books, & who's life work has been the inspiration for a documentary film which did win an Academy Award some years ago, for it's compelling story, please go ahead & hand type the link, as there is so much information available about this very dedicated woman, that without including it, I would only be scratching a very small surface.

Thank you Dr. Helen Caldicott for helping to bring to the surface a very complex subject, in terms that were not immediately easy to understood or even available, until you took the time to share information with us, which so infused a movement of people all over the world. A true physician of the 20th & 21st centuries, of doing far more than; the first, of doing no harm.

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