Friday, March 11, 2011

Our Thoughts & Prayers To All Who Have Been Affected By This Tragedy

A silkscreen artist had decided to make a copy of the official sign that one would see up & down the California coast, every so many miles.
This is the actual San Andreas fault, in Frazier Park, California which is approximately one & one half hours out of L.A.
Rather than a bridge over troubled waters, what we have here is a bridge over a very fragile geological fault line that travels under the Pacific Ocean all the way to Hawaii & Japan to where it erupted yesterday, & still continues to cause destruction today.
The breath taking, awe inspiring yet very fragile, northern California coast in Trinidad, about an hour away from the Oregon boarder, of which has been put under a Tsunami Alert.
The beauty & the beast, depending on the temperament of those titanic plates. This past summer the waters were relatively calm, but now since yesterday, an 8+ earthquake has hit Japan. We have friends who have family who live in Japan. We are prayerfully hopeful that they are in a safe place away from the earthquake's ravages & the powerful Tsunami that has been powerfully flooding over the country of Japan, & has also arrived on one or more of the Hawaiian Islands, & now heading for the California & Oregon coastlines....
As we continue to watch & listen to the reports of this present ongoing natural disaster, may all who inhabit these regions, remain safe & well, as they remain in our thoughts & prayers.

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