Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bambi The Next Generation

Today at our writers group, the six of us that were in attendance were asked to do a writing exercise in which we were instructed to put together a story consisting of only six sentences. Since returning home, I've fine tuned it a bit, but have stuck to the rule of only six sentences. So being we writers, write what it is we know, I wrote from a true life experience of just yesterday.....

A Forest's Morning

In the near springtime of muted clouded grays, the howling winds gave way to sculpted branches of former dreams. Gazing out the window to the open forest floor, particles of the past season lay a bear. Two herds of deer entwined, yet came forth in slightly separate packs, they meandered to the bottom of the southern slope where much debre often settled after the rough and tumble elements had played their winter games; there an abandoned filbert was discovered and was gently turned by the snout of one of these agile creatures. The young buck and his group, were near starvation, and due to the recent season of heavy snows, this adolescent knew he was upon a great find. There amidst the brown soggy leaves, was a substantial early morning delicacy to be savored.

Yes, a true morning tradition of survival and now of course a life saving goal achieved for these uninvited guests, as the sun was finally shinning, and hope had been restored in the forest, for yet another day; after all, they had been here first.


So, that's pretty much it for my take on Bambi, the next generation. It will, I am certain be many an exercise to loosen me up, stretch, stretch for the literary project that is so clear in my mind. I am making good progress, as I have been slowly, ever so slowly, space clearing here in our home, which is of course, my special spot, in our neck of the woods as yesterday's, A Forest's Morning, so gently told.

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