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Thoughts & Prayers For The People of Japan, As Spring Comes To The Garden

Spring is certainly on the horizon. The winter's been extremely rough on many of the plants here at the Peace Garden, but for everything there certainly is a season, & yesterday remained on the drier side so it was a good one to get out there & prune away some of the damage, as my meandering butterfly bushes got hit pretty bad. All in all, the gardens look decent, but a bit weary. Now that my dog Dolly is back in sink with staying in the yard, I'll be able once again devote quality time & energy in these here hills, in bringing these sweet & modest gardens of ours, up to snuff. I will definitely keep you all posted, as it all began yesterday, with a tad of pre spring clean up. Also, Sunday was the first day of daylight savings time, & my husband, father time, as he called himself, or truly best ever detail man, of what I call him, remembered to spring our clocks ahead. Though we all, here in the northeast have lost an hour, time will always remain relative... & timeless... & here it is now Monday, Monday-
March 14th & the need to organize is kicking in....


When I took on the persona of Mother Lightning almost thirty eight years ago, it was during a camping trip, up in New Hampshire when I was a new mom, & our son was just a few months old, & I was given this name, which is truly- a story for another time. There we were a young new family with so much promise & hope, but I will say that it was my new alter ego of
Mother Lightning that motivated me to help organize & bring the nuclear issue to the forefront of what I perceived to be complacent minded thinking in regards to the concept of the peaceful atom & nuclear proliferation. Basically I spoke out, by circulating a petition, doing college radio, did a whole soapbox spiel at a high school class reunion, of which my dear friend JLS from so very long ago, surprisingly reminded me of nearly four decades ago, of that night & how I was booed & sneered at, no regrets I recently told him, no regrets, it was the apathy of my former classmates that was the straw. And here we are now, so many decades later, & the people of Japan, are dealing with a nightmare, of truly indescribable potentials of harm. As nuclear contamination is an invisible villain, & what it can do, & does do, to all living organisms, creatures, & life forms including the human body, to the born & the unborn, is of the horrors of the highest proportions. The program I did on the radio so many years ago Mother Lightning's Oracle, put the information out there, with discussions & lectures that included experts & lay people alike from all walks of life, for I began being educated on this topic by Barry Commoner who had written an excellent article for The New Yorker Magazine, in the early or mid 70's, of which my husband gave me the article to read. My father who was a nuclear physicist chemist, often told me that I was correct in believing this new knowledge that I was acquiring in my quest to protect, not only his then only grandchild, but the children of the world. It was the organization Physicians for Social Responsibility, & their pediatrician Dr. Helen Caldicott who were seemingly endless in their energy & message in sharing their knowledge, & therefore educating the public. This very focused information was often received on deaf ears in the worldwide communities of governments & business that then continued to promote & profit from the nuke, & to ultimately continue to sell & set up nuclear power stations all over the world. Some nations, thankfully slowed this process down, thanks to the work of Greenpeace & other antinuclear organizations such as Friends of the Earth, & others that worked very hard & were in the collective consciousness of the world community, yet some nations tragically maintained a deaf ear to various degrees.

I am including this little bit of a bio so guests of the Peace Garden, have a truer sense of why the topic, of the recent ongoing nuclear accident is even mentioned here. I have done this, in my truest & most honest way of sharing, so people really know, what it is I am trying to get at, & where I am coming from. Yes, this is a Peace Garden, & we have all, come from a place, to be in the place, where we all, are now...
So, I will have to recall once again a strong determined philosophy that came out of the No Nukes movement of the 70's & which I can honestly say, has been a foundation in my thinking all these generations onto the present in the grandmotherdom of which many, I am sure our generation inhabit. "People before profits", was a truism then, as it rings true now. We as a world society do not need heroes, we just need each & every individual to think before they act, & to simply do the right thing.

As this week continues to unfold, & the Peace Garden makes headway with preparations, of thankfully another coming spring, I will hold the people of Japan in my heart with thoughts & prayers, in hopes of health, & peace, & as my tears continue to well up, I will try my very best to be a better person in my thoughts & deeds, knowing all to well that "we are the world, we are the children.... "


The topic of potential disastrous consequences that are covered in the essay above mentions only the nuclear emergency facing Japan, right now. The tragedy of the recent earthquake & tsunami of this past Friday 3/11/11 was & remains horrific in it's tragic devastating effects in loss of human life, the fact that there are nuclear power plants that are in the process of failing, adds yet another horrific element to an already ongoing nightmare, of epic proportions

The quoted line, "we are the world, we are the children", from the very beautiful song by Michael Jackson, & performing artists.
The nuclear disaster unfolding in Japan has once again revealed the true cost we pay for nuclear energy. Meanwhile, Obama's 2012 budget includes $36 billion in loan guarantees to the nuclear industry. President Obama must reverse course and support renewables instead of subsidizing deadly nukes.

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