Saturday, March 26, 2011

This Crisp Cold Spring of Nature- The Bynars, A Movie & UCONN Basketball

The Bynars Album Release Show 5/4 @ Great Scott
Wednesday, May 4 at 9:00pm
Location: Great Scott

The last photo of course has Dolly checking her domain, she knows the deer have already made their run through our woods this morning, but she's certain to be ready for when they return at dusk, & so hopefully shall we, as deer running out & about in the northeast is a very big problem, so to all of us, keep a good eye out, especially on those dark, long, & windy, roads...

There's no complaining here, this crisp cold spring is where we're at. Last night we were visiting with our Bostonian son. Dinner at a local Vietnamese Restaurant, & then a movie. We saw Win Win, which we all gave a solid A, as not only was the casting excellent with Paul Giamini, but it is a very believable modern day, compelling story. A must see, as so much of it rang true to our modern day life, & presented in a way, which had just the right balance of levity, humor, & the seriousness of it all....

We walked the city last night amidst 34 degree temperatures, my fleece jacket was suitable, as I did have mittens on, but there were times, when the wind past by, that I really did miss my good ole winter one, with the hood. Oh, well, spring has sprung, & it will only continue to get better, we all know that.

This was my second trip into Boston this week, as I had traveled in once already for the Writing Group Seminar, of which I am now a part of. It's been an excellent experience, & it has been keeping me busy, as our members are all very productive, & I've been trying my best to keep up with the reading of submitted chapters & all. Another one of our members also just completed her first novel which I am just about to delve into, as we are to read the first seventeen chapters by Wednesday. I have started writing my novella again, which has me in a really good mindset, as I now have the beginning worked out in my mind, & I am so inspired to weave all the aspects together. Time, all in good time.

Our son sent us home last night with a new CD release of the band he's been part of for several years now The Bynars, which I just can't say enough about. Sure I'm the mom of the drummer, & you could say, well of course she likes their music, her son is with the band, but in all honesty good is good, & that's where they're at. When it comes to my critiquing in the arts if it's someone I know, & if I don't have a thumbs up take, well, then I just don't say anything, but if I get that feeling & know just deep down, that they are beyond good, then I just have to put it out there, & share what I know to be authentic, well crafted & meaningful, in all aspects.

We will be going to my brother, & sister in law's this evening for dinner & to watch the UCONN Huskies, as they continue to do their thing in the March Madness National Basketball Tournament. That's another time will tell upcoming situation, as we all are of course great Husky fans, though I joined the fan wagon rather late, only just this year, after attending a Woman's Team game. True the team playing tonight are the men, but am now on board with all the Husky Teams, having only recently learned that they do excellent outreach to the children of the surrounding communities, opening up doors & giving future generations a chance to also excel, & become college students some day, which gels with me very well.

Enjoy this last weekend & we'll see which way March goes out, Lion or Lamb, & which ever way the wind does choose to blow, may the breezes of springtime, continue to share with us all-

The promise of hope.


Basketball Tournment Score Update, From Tonight's Game:

Arizona 63


With UCONN all set now to compete next week in the Final Four, Go Huskies & Good Luck!

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Anonymous said...

You are always a fun and interesting read Cheryl. It sounds like you all had a fun time in Boston with son #2. Thanks for sharing...Hope you see real "Spring" soon! Love to wonder dog, Doll too. LOL b. Malin

Mother Lightning said...

Hi Barb,

Thanks for the sweet note.
You met son #3 many, many years ago, when u* & Stephan stopped here for the first time, during a Thanksgiving season. Mike is the son who we just visited, he's our Bostonian guy, & is presently doing post graduate studies. He's the fam*'s musician, who plays drums w/ The Bynars & is considering future studies in medicine or science. He's so busy w/ all his ongoing projects, & if he does decide to become a physician one day, he'll give wonderful care, as he is very in-tune, & really cares.

lol to u* & all your fam*, & thanks for all the support of a writer's life, as we tell our collective stories....
of living a life...