Monday, March 7, 2011

Dedicated to Our Peaceful Loving Men, One Stitch at A Time on the Eve of International Woman's Day

Dedicated to Our Peaceful Loving Men, One Stitch at Time

on the eve of International Woman's Day 2011

we've sung our song
and entered life
we know we've lived through
many strife

you are the christian
I'm the jew
it's taught us basics
what to do

of honesty
respect for all
though Eve it's said
had caused the fall

but we do know that story told
was of a time
ancients ago
and we'll believe
what nature tells
to care for all
and do it well

respect all persons
great and small
to live a life
and heed the call

for truthful kindness
takes some work
but worth it so
it's no man's joke


When this poem was written on 3/1/11, I had my husband in mind, but ultimately of course it became about, anyone of us, no matter our background, faith, or non. No matter, it matters.

Today for the very first time, ever I sat & did some quilting with the women of the community of which my family & I have lived for some twenty seven years. The quilt we were working on is to be raffled off as a fund raiser in 2013. It is being made as a commemorative project, for in 2013 our town, will then be, 300 years old. It felt really special to add a stitch in time, literally is what we were all doing this morning. There were five of us women sewing from the the handcrafted quilting rack. The imense effort this group of creatively gifted women, have been putting into this beautiful project reminded me, when I came home, that poems, are nothing more than thought/words, stitched together too.

Tomorrow is International Women's Day, & I plan on Standing for Peace, on our designated corner of the world in our community for Tuesday March 8th, as we again, reunite, to stitch together our thoughts in time...
For most, I am not saying all, but most women, & the men, who they have chosen to share their lives together with, stand for peace, each & every day, as they take in & encounter this world, we all so love & cherish.

And so concludes today's addition to the Poetry a Muse In Motion project.

I would like to say a special thank you to the Quilt 300 project coordinators, & fella welcoming stitchers. This quilt in the making that is shown above, is truly a wonderful burst of spring color, to the weary winter eyes.

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© Mother Lightning of Mother Lightning's Peace Garden


Anonymous said...

Such a Lovely Poem Cheryl, whether it be for your wonderful Husband or International Woman's Day...
It is very meaningful. The pictures of the quilt are Beautiful, and it's going for such a good cause. Thanks for sharing this Blog with us. LOL b. Malin

Mother Lightning said...

Thanks b. Malin,

It's one of my "lighter poems", but it's rythmns still ring true.

Enjoy tomorrow March 8th International Womans's Day 2011. We'll stay in touch, & share our tales.

lol & peace always,