Tuesday, March 29, 2011

There Is No Perfection, But In Nature

I try my hardest to keep topics as light as possible, here at the Peace Garden, but as we all know life can be heavy at times, "he's not heavy, he's my brother", so the song goes... , ah my friends, so true, so true, yes, the 60's again...

One of my saddest disappointments was when I learned that our beloved UN had sanctioned the recent no fly zone action, in Libya. The suffering of the Libyan people, is not an aspect of how individuals in the world are to be treated, nor is it anything I could ever accept, but to sanction violence to achieve a peaceful solution; it is a quandary, this nature of humankind, a never ending quandary....

What it is, that I will continue to never understand, is that the majority of the peoples of the world, seem to continue to buy into the same old problem solving skills, of having violence beget violence. We will finally have arrived, when the truism of war never being the answer, is accepted worldwide, down deep in every living soul, for nonviolence is the key. What are our chances, what are our odds, of this improving.... , I hesitate to add my two cents to that one. All we can do is to keep trying, even when world renowned organizations, an organization that I have loved since childhood the UN takes a stand, a stand that many oppose, & who do not see condoning violence as lacking a soulful solution, to an age old problem. Human beings have always lived in wild & crazy times, yet we can continue to choose, to not go along with a majority's way of thinking, & if we choose to oppose this mindset, so be it, for ultimately we are not sheep, & shall remain hopeful that a new day will dawn, when human beings, finally do "get it".


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Today's posting will conclude with a quote form the 3/27/11 News Letter of the Peace Abby-

"As the world watches the power of nonviolent revolution succeed in Tunisia and Egypt, we once again see the strength in the principles that we all hold so dear.

Yet, military contractors continue to profit in the billions through arming the world into an alliance of violence, while The Life Experience School's Peace Abbey, which exists to promote the study and practice of nonviolence, is unable to meet its mortgage obligation and is on the verge of foreclosure. This irony seems somehow fitting as our country is now involved in 3 wars under the leadership of a president who received a Nobel Peace Prize and was elected with the resounding support of the peace movement.

The Peace Abbey is needed now more than ever."

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